Project Management

Vibergs has the experience to build a bridge between business and IT. Below are some of the management services we can take care of in your business. 

Programme management is overall management of the interrelated project that make up the programme.
Vibergs will take care of the oversight of the purpose and status of the projects in the programme. Your company can use the oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the programme goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level.

Programme management also involves linking in with the business change functions within the business areas affected to ensure that the changes are properly implemented. As with project management, planning work and tasks is a key part of our programme management. Our work is more closely aligned to the organization’s ongoing strategy, rather than specific deliverables. We create a governance and make sure that the specific projects are run effectively.

Project management is a process that finds and applies the best method to manage and control work through its every stage.
There’s never just one way to accomplish this mission, and thus there is never just one methodology for project managers to use. Vibergs will find the right approach for your company, which is aligned with your strategy and methodology.

Different methodologies work for different projects, industries, tools and teams. Methodologies can be approached rigidly, as a discipline without any deviations, or more à la carte, where a hybrid of two or more are used to respond to the unique aspects of a project. But you can’t use a methodology you don’t know, which is why good project managers are intellectually curious and never complacent.

Vibergs will always use the company strategy and methods to manage and control the project. We will start to get the overview and organize the project into logical steps (framework) which lead in to an organized and controlled high level plan. It will always be in cooperation with the project members, so there are ownership to the scope, time, and cost. 

Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.

It works by breaking projects down into little bits of user functionality called "user stories", prioritizing them, and then continuously delivering them in short two week cycles called "iterations".

Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products.  

Business Analysis
Supporting the company with business model. Create business user stories (features/requirements etc.) and map it with integration with the technology (-systems). Guiding business in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis.

How it works


After having made the first contact, we will take a meeting to discuss the management services, scope and expected result of the work.


The scope and expected result will be included in the contract, where we have agreed the timeframe and the cost for the work.

Your dream comes true

During the work in the agreed period, Vibergs will make sure to give feedback to improve your business. When the agreed period is over, we will make sure that we have achieved the agreed result. Your dream has come true!

Who we are

Vibergs is owned by Astrid Viberg. 
We are a senior consultancy who have:

High Experience
More than 15 years of experience in dealing, not only with all the accepted nuts and bolts of project management, but also with tricky political situations and tricky people. Still delivering a successful project that would help to show your mettle.

Multi-tasking and multiple techniques: 
We take a wide range of responsibilities and needs, to be able to oversee multiple projects to ensure that they stay on schedule and bring benefits in keeping with the company’s strategic goals and objectives. We have good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling programmes, of business change tools, of benefits identification and management techniques and of budgeting and resource allocation.  All essential in getting the right end result. Success comes too from knowing how to delegate and that comes from knowing the team.

Excellent people skills: 
You will get highly qualified and confident people. We are used to have the influence and deal with stakeholders whilst leading and managing multiple teams and individuals across several business units. We understand the differing perspectives and the company’s needs whilst we are keeping in sight strategic goals and objectives. Good leadership and management skills, the ability to forge good interpersonal relationships and maintain good communication links as well as a talent for team building. 

Mental training:
Besides the certification in Project Management, Scrum Master etc., we are also certified within mental training, which is very usefull in the daily work for the team.

Company reference:
Nets, PensionDanmark, Fidelity Information System, HK etc.

Prince2 (EPM Group), ScrumMaster (Trifork Academy), Mental trainer (Empowermind), IPMA (Dansk Projektledelse), IT Project Management (Niveau), HD (CBS).